Domestic EPCs

What do we do? We provide domestic energy performance certificates (domestic EPC) to estate agents, landlords and home owners in and around Leatherhead, Surrey. A domestic EPC is required when a property is sold or rented. Each certificate is valid for 10 years. EPC example

What’s involved?

In order to create a domestic EPC, we will need to carry out an inspection at your property. We take floor and ceiling measurements; building age and type of construction including any wall insulation; roof construction and insulation; details of the heating & hot water systems and their respective controls; type of windows; type of lighting. In order to properly include all of the elements at the property and to provide you with an accurate certificate, we need either photographic or documentary evidence of elements installed. For instance, sometimes we can not access a loft space to view the insulation. In these cases, we would revert to the approximate age of the property and the Building Regulations at that time. Unless the homeowner or landlord can provide a receipt or other similar documentation to prove that insulation has been installed.

My property needs to have at least an E rating!! In order to rent a property out, it now must have an EPC with at least an E rating. This is called the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES). Obviously, your property will need an EPC. So we would need to carry out the inspection to see how your property rates on the energy efficiency scale.

If it does not achieve an E rating, we can provide advice on what you need to do to bring it up to at least the minimum level. This could be as straight forward as replacing lighting. 

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