TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections

TM44 Air conditioning inspectionsWhat do we do? We carry out TM44 Air Conditioning Energy Inspections in line with the methodology set out in CIBSE TM44:2012 direct to businesses, landlords, building owners and tenants. A building, or building part, requires an air conditioning inspection if it has 12kW or more of cooling installed. So if your property has three split systems of 3.5kW and one of 2.5kW, the total cooling is 13.0kW then this building would require an air condtioning inspection to be conducted every five years. A cooling system only needs to be inspected if it is over five years old.

Where do we do it? London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex & Hampshire. We can also call on a network of inspectors around the country and put you in direct contact with them.

Do we need to get one? If your building has more than 12kW of air conditioning, then it needs a TM44 inspection every five years. Trading Standards have the power to issue penalty charge notices for non-compliance. The fine is currently £300 pre building or space and can be repeated and accrue at the discretion of Trading Standards.


I’m a tenant in a building If you rent space in a building, then usually your landlord will have responsibility for providing the TM44 certificate. However, if you as the tenant have installed your own air conditioning equipment which totals more than 12kW, then you have the responsibility to obtain a TM44 certificate for this equipment.

Sites with Multiple Buildings Where a site, such as a university or college, has multiple individual buildings, then each building that has more than 12kW of air conditioning will need it’s own TM44 certificate and report. Unless they are all linked by a central control system such as a BMS.

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