Domestic EPCs in the time of COVID-19

During this unprecedented time of pandemic, we are all trying to carry on with our lives as best as possible. Life goes on is the saying. So we at Surrey Energy Ratings are still getting out there and carrying out energy efficiency inspections or EPCs. Of course, everyone wants to stay safe. So we’ve set out a few pointers that we will follow in order to minimise the risk of infection to you, our clients, and us visiting your property.

  1. Ideally any property we visit should be empty, vacant, lacking in people. This will completely minimise the risk of infection.
  2. If No 1 isn’t possible and there have to be occupants in the property, we ask if they can be in the garden whilst we are carrying out the inspection.
  3. If No 2 isn’t possible, (there’s no garden for instance!), can the occupants remain in one room or one part of the property whilst we carry out the inspection?
  4. So assuming there are occupants in the property, before we arrive, can they make sure that all of the internal doors, and back door if there is one, are left open. This means we won’t have to touch any door handles.
  5. Currently we aren’t wearing masks or gloves as a matter of course, but if the occupants require it then we will adhere to this request.

If any of the occupants feel unsafe at any time during our visit, then we will stop the inspection and rearrange it for another time.

We all have to get used to the ‘new normal’. Hopefully by following the points above our clients and our staff can stay totally safe.

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