Domestic EPC

Domestic EPC
What is an EPC?

The certificate provides you with a rating for the building, showing its energy efficiency. The ratings are similar to those found on products such as fridges and are standard so the energy efficiency of one building can easily be compared with another building of a similar type. This new style EPC shows the important information on the first page in a much clearer way. It also introduces details of the Green Deal.

Sample Domestic EPC

This is a sample of the new domestic EPC introduced on 1 April 2012. It displays the main information in a clearer way and introduces details about the Green Deal which is due to be implemented in the Autumn of 2012.

Home Buyers, Sellers & Tenants Guide to EPCs

The EPC is a compulsory document. Anyone putting up a home for sale will need to commission an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) based on the energy assessment of their home.

The Government has introduced Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) to give consumers information about the energy efficiency of a home they are considering buying.

Landlords Guide to EPCs

You need to provide an EPC whenever a home in the social or private rented sector is let to a new tenant.

You must make the EPC available free of charge to prospective tenants at the earliest opportunity. This should be when they are first given written information about the property or view it, and before any rental contract is entered into.

EPCs are valid for 10 years and can be reused as many times as required within that period. It is not necessary to commission a new EPC each time there is a change of tenant although landlords may commission EPCs for these properties at any time to prepare for a change in tenant. If a newer EPC has been produced for a home within the ten year period, only the most recent one is valid.

The EPC provides prospective tenants with information about how energy efficient a property is that they are considering renting.

An EPC is not required for any property that was occupied before 1 October 2008 and which continues to be occupied after that date by the same tenant.

Renewable Energy - A Buyer's Guide

An introduction to Renewable Energy from the Energy Saving Trust. The pros and cons of each type currently available, approximate costs and savings are also shown. Renewables discussed include:

  • Solar photovoltaic (PV)
  • Wind turbines
  • Micro-CHP (micro combined heat & power)
  • Hydroelectricity
  • Solar water heating
  • Wood fuelled heating
  • Heat pumps
Practical Refurbishment of Solid Walled Houses

This guide offers practical guidance on the most appropriate methods for the energy efficient refurbishment of solid-walled houses. Performance targets as well as installation details are provided for floors, walls, windows, doors and roofs. Additional issues such as draughtstripping and wider environmental considerations are also considered.

Energy Saving Advice

Some straight forward advice here from the Energy Saving Trust to help you save energy in your home.


Insulation Advice

All the advice you could need about improving the insulation of your home.

  • Loft insulation
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Solid wall insulation
  • Floor insulation
  • Draught proofing

Get an idea how much you could save, what is involved with each one and where to get further information and advice.

Public Access to the National EPC Register

As of 22 April 2012, ANYBODY with the postcode can access and download the energy performance certificate for a domestic property. This is being made available so that local authorities can identify buildings in their area with poor levels of efficiency, for research & analysis purposes, to enable Green Deal providers to market their services and to increase public awareness on the levels of CO2 emissions.

Can you prevent your details being made available? Yes you can. Click here to request that your energy performance certificate is 'opted-out' of any data searches. This means your EPC information will not be passed on to others and will not be able to be viewed online.

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